Why My Internet Speed Is Slow?

Slow internet connection can be a real put off. It can break an online purchase or e-commerce transaction, turn streaming videos into bad slide shows and of-course – make us feel like, we’ve been waiting forever!

There can be many factors influencing the speed of your internet, of them most important is – type of internet connection.

If you are on dial-up or DSL, the speed can be limited. Cable on the other hand is the much faster that both and reliable too. These days, companies like Google also offer Fiber Optic Service, which essentially relies on light over an optical network to deliver high speed internet, in-comparison to DSL or Cable that deliver internet over copper wire connections.

If you know, you are on DSL or Cable or Fiber Optic Service and yet experience slow browsing experience; the first step should be to test out the speed.

We suggest using www.speedtest.net to check the speed of your internet accurately.
Speed test is available for all operating systems – Windows/MaC/Andriod.

Steps to check the speed of internet

1. Open www.speedtest.net


2. Click on “Begin Test” & wait for the results


3. The Download/upload speed should match with the agreed speed.

Ping: This measurement tells how long it takes a “packet” of data to travel from your computer to a server on the Internet and back. Whenever you experience delayed responses in Internet applications – this would be due to a higher than desired ping. Similar to packet loss, lower is better when it comes to ping. Also Ping result should below 100 ms for any decent broadband connection.

Download: The speed at which your Internet connection downloads data to your PC from the Internet.

Upload: The speed at which your Internet connection uploads data from your PC out to the Internet.

5. There may be several factors affecting the speed of internet. Here are some of them

I. Infections – check for infections by running your antivirus scan or use free virus removal scanners from here
II. Using a throttling software – disable/uninstall throttling software
III. Many people using the same network – Try the test when only one user using network
IV. Too many brower add ons, extensions and plugins – try turning them off or disabling them from your browser setting or browser preferences

6.  Still if the issue persists , contact your service provider.  Click here – broadband providers in the United States