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Virus Removal – $39.99


What is a Virus? What are its types?

Computer Virus is a computer software or piece of codes that gets loaded into your computer without your knowledge. It automatically spreads from one computer to another via clicking on some file or web link or copying files.

They can replicate themselves. This means that it can make a copy of itself again and again and spread it in the available memory and immobilize the working of the computer.

These are not limited to computer malware but spyware and adware are also part of computer viruses. Computer worms, Trojan, koobface, aura virus, adware, key loggers all are types of computer viruses. These viruses give access to your system, passwords and other personal information to the hacker who can misuse it.

How do I know my PC is infected?

If you are experiencing any of the below situation in your system, then it may be an indication of virus attack:

  • Suddenly your system becomes really slow and continues to do so.
  • Your system crashes and restarts automatically.
  • Your system starts rebooting itself for no specific reason.
  • Many computer applications fail to work properly.
  • Your disk drive or hard drive isn’t functioning normally.
  • You cannot print correctly.
  • Your system shows unusual kinds of error message again and again.
Why Xtend Support Virus Removal?

Our Xtend Support professional provide online virus removal service. We are former employees of reputed Anti-Virus, with extensive experience in threat analysis & remediation techniques along with sound knowledge of Windows environment. We have the record of 99% resolution in first call itself.

Our Virus Removal support provides you with step by step instructions in minimum time possible, with the best solution and proper explanation of the problem. We also give additional knowledge of how these kind of problems can be avoided in the future.

At Xtend we provide below services with our Virus Removal Support;
  • Removal of Malware.
  • Removal of Viruses.
  • Removal of Spyware.
  • Examining your system for possible virus attacks.
  • Activating & configuring Firewall.
  • Installing anti-virus software.
  • Updating anti-virus software.
  • Optimization of Browser.
  • Router Security.