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Chkdsk utility is used to identify the file system and view a status report of the hard disk. You can use the utility to correct the errors on the hard disk. Consider a scenario where you are unable to boot the computer.  One of the causes of this problem can be errors on the hard […]

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Software programs and files take longer to open or respond

If you have created multiple user accounts on your computer, ensure other users are not logged in. If there are multiple users logged in simultaneously, system resources must be shared among them. Run the Disk Cleanup program to delete unwanted files(including temporary files, installed components and programs that you no longer use, and files in […]

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How To Check For Hard Disk Drive Errors

For read/write errors or media failures, check for integrity of hard disk. Save all your data & close all open programs, before starting the disk check. Click the Windows Start Button, and the Computer. Right Click the hard disk drive that you want to check, and click Properties.  Click on Tools tab. Under Error-checking, click […]

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