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My Internet Browser Home Page Changed to Something I Did Not Want

You May have Spyware on your computer. Spyware is software that usually runs silently in the background on your computer, collecting and sending information about you and your use of computer to another person or system on the internet. You can find and remove spyware from your computer by using any one of a number […]

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How to remove Adware

Adwares are programs/softwares results in feeds of advertisements to the user in aggressive manner. The targeted advertisements may be relevant to the user however not exclusively requested by the user. By and large these may infect the computer with virus and spywares. How to uninstall Adware 1.  Uninstall the Potentially unwanted Adware programs from Add/Remove […]

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How to Know if Your Computer is Infected with a Virus

Computer viruses have existed since the time dependency on computer driven work has grown exponentially. Traditional viruses use to be more a nuisance, with the ability to delete files or lock down computers. Today, there are Trojans, Worms, spyware, Ransomware, Adware & other malicious programs. Our security industry collectively defines them as “Malware”. Unlike humans, […]

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