How to remove Adware

Adwares are programs/softwares results in feeds of advertisements to the user in aggressive manner. The targeted advertisements may be relevant to the user however not exclusively requested by the user. By and large these may infect the computer with virus and spywares. How to uninstall Adware

1.  Uninstall the Potentially unwanted Adware programs from Add/Remove programs
2.  May require a restart for uninstall to complete
3.  Look for respective Browser extension and disable them from browser settings.
4.  Close the browser and re-open, check if browser extensions get re-enabled.
5.  If re-enabled, then it means still the loading points exists on the computer.
6.  Delete Temporary Internet Files, Cookies from the browser.
7.  Look for the Adware load files in user profiles and delete the relevant files
8.  Empty the recycle bin
9.  Restart computer
10.I would recommend installing Antimalware program. Ex: Malwarebytes ( free version is available)