How to speed up your computer

We come across over a time period that computer is not running fast as it used to be. There are several reasons associated with it. We can perform the following to improve the overall performance.

  1. Run Disk Clean up once a week to remove unnecessary files. From command prompt C:\>cleanmgr.exe
  2. If you feel browser is slow, check for installed toolbars. Uninstall the unwanted toolbars
  3. Run Disk defragmenter to defrag the hard drive once a month. From Command prompt C:\>dfrgui.exe (Solid Sate Drive does not need defragmentation)
  4. Uninstall softwares/addware/rouge programs installed without your knowledge from add/remove programs
  5. It is good the scan the computer when it is idle. Computer slowness will be observed if multiple tasks are performed while computer is being scanned.
  6. Good to have sufficient memory. 4Gb of RAM would be recommended in Antivirus is loaded on Windows operating System
  7. Latest version of DirectX is recommended to improve the gaming experience.
  8. Keep Windows Up-To-date
  9. Disable unwanted programs that auto runs at startup. From command prompt C:\>MSconfig.exe
  10. We feel browsing is very slow when many/unwanted toolbars are installed. Uninstalling from add/remove programs improves the browsing experience.
  11. Still if you feel computer is slow, perform a full system scan with latest virus definitions.