How to keep your computers safe?

It is better to take preventive action than to look for remedies.

Here are some simple tips which will help you keep your computers safe.

1. Keep your operating systems up-to-date . Set the Windows update to Automatic so that the patches gets installed automatically when it is available.
2. Install any good Antivirus like Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee. Better if the firewall is installed along with an Antivirus.
3. Scan your computer atleast once a week with updated Virus definitions
4. Always download softwares from trusted websites/Sources
5. Browsers are vulnerable for attacks, keep them up-to-date. It is good to add site advisor. Some of them are Safe Web from Norton, Site Advisor from McAfee
6. Resist installing unnecessary toolbars. Overlooking, if some toolbars are installed, can be removed from add/remove programs.
7. Avoid opening Unknown emails or source including the attachments. These type of attacks are called phishing scams.
8. Always look for Padlock in the browser before https://. If not found, do not enter you personal details.
9. When installing any softwares, keep an eye for bundled toolbars which is not required.
10. Do not set the same password for all your logins. It is always recommended for passwords to be a mixture of Alphabets in uppercase/lowercase, numeric along with extra characters. Ex: Jh0nR@m19$
11. Not the least, always backup data.