How To Find Out If Your Gmail Login Was Compromised

How To Find Out If Your Gmail Login Was Compromised In Recent Hack

Gmail was the target of a big security breach recently that has left 5 million Google customers exposed. Are you one of the unlucky users whose login was compromised?

Here’s how to find out — and what to do if your Google username and password were exposed in the breach.

First and foremost, visit the following website:

Enter your Gmail email address in the field near the top of the screen and you will be notified immediately if your account was exposed in this latest breach. And just to prove to affected users that this is a legitimate issue, the site will display the first two characters of your password if your credentials were leaked.

So, what should you do if your account is now exposed?


Immediately visit the following link:

Clicking on the Security tab on this page will allow you to change your password, and you should do so immediately.


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