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Help and Support for Kaspersky™ – $29.99

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Xtend Support for Kaspersky™ Antivirus

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Computer viruses have existed since the time dependency on computer driven work has grown exponentially. Traditional viruses use to be more a nuisance, with the ability to delete files or lock down computers. Today, there are Trojans, Worms, spyware, Ransomware, Adware & other malicious programs. To prevent your computer from being infected, it is much advisable to have a good on-demand Anti-Virus solution installed & running on your computer. But installation & configuration of AntiVirus solution can be bit tricky, especially with issues of compatibility and unknown errors.

Xtend Support brings to you simple and straightforward plan to assist you with installation, setup, configuration of any Antivirus Security Solution. Our technicians are have deep experience working, testing various Antivirus solutions and are always ready to aid you through live chat & phone support.

Why Xtend Support?

Our Xtend Support professional have 10years of advanced technical support experience along with sound knowledge of Windows environment & AntiVirus Security Solution. We have the record of 99% resolution in first call itself.

Our AntiVirus Software Support provides you with step by step instructions in minimum time possible, with the best solution and proper explanation of the problem. We also give additional knowledge of how to install, configure antivirus in the future.